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Tech Tuesdays 2019: Home

Technology at ICC


This guide and technology series was created with new students in mind -- particularly new students who may not yet feel 100% comfortable with some of the different technologies that will help them succeed as students at ICC.

First year student technology checklist

Student email via Gmail

Student email & Google Apps

Go to or mouse over My ICC on the ICC website (

Your ICC email is The username is the one with letters and numbers, like ab123c.

If it's your first time logging in, use that default password: ICC##### with the last 5 #'s replaced by the last 5 digits of your social security number.

Check the Google Apps tab of this guide for more details.




How to get there OR go to and mouse over "My ICC" to get a dropdown list that includes Blackboard.

What is it?

It's an online learning management system. It's kind of like a classroom and planner wrapped up in one. You'll find syllabi, assignments, grades, etc. 

BIG HINT: Use Chrome or Firefox for Blackboard. NOT Internet Explorer!

Each course you have will likely be set up a little differently, so it's good to explore each course's Blackboard page to familiarize yourself with the differences.



Get emails, texts, and calls for emergencies like school closures.

How to sign up:  go to and enter your full email address for the username. Then set your password by clicking the "forgot password" option.


Network login

ICC Network login

To log into computers on campus and to access library databases off campus, your username is still that initials and numbers scheme like ab123c and ICC##### with the last 5 digits of your social security number replacing the 5 #'s for your default password.

Printing cheats

Printing math

The limit for the number of pages you can print in the library is 24. So if you have more pages than that: 

Print 1-24, 25-48, 490-72, 73-96, 97-120, 121-144, 145-168, 169-192, 193-216....

Print Slides:

  • 6 slides per page: 1-144, 145-288, 289-432….
  • 4 slides: 1-96, 97-192, 193-288, 289-384….
  • 3 slides: 1-72, 73-144, 145-216, 217-288, 289-360….
  • 2 slides: 1-48, 49-96, 97-144, 145-192, 192-240, 241-338….


E-Services landing pageE-Services


Ways to get there:

--- type in your address bar.

--- from, mouse over "My ICC" (middle, top). E-Services is your third option.


Signing in:

--- if you don't already know your username, find the section that says First Time User and click Find User ID/Username. You'll type in your last name and social security number, and then click submit. Your username will come up after that.

--- Now that you know your username, you can login. The default password is ICC##### with the 5 #'s replaced by the last 5 digits of your social security number. If it's your first time logging in, you'll have to change your password. 


What's there:

Your "student center." You can see messages and information regarding your classes and schedule. There's also a financial aid section.


The Library!

Go to for databases, books, chat with a librarian, etc. Explore the website for more information or talk to one of us!

Academic Support

Academic Support

This is a completely free tutoring service for ICC students.

Schedule an appointment or stop by at either campus. The Academic Support Center is a floor above the library on both campuses.

Visit their page to check their hours here:


Help desk

ICC Help Desk


Logging out of Windows 10

Log out of windows 10Logging Out

If you're a returning student, you might notice logging out of the library computers is a little different for Fall 2019.

1. Go to the Start menu.

2. On the left side, go all the way up to the circle icon with a little stick figure person in it, and click it.

3. Click Sign out