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ICC Library Reading List - Blackboard Tool : Blackboard and Reading Lists

Direct Link to a List Section

This tutorial will show you how to directly link a section of your reading list to a specific content area in Blackboard. Follow these steps to provide your students with direct access to a specific section of your list.

First you will need to create a Blackboard link to your reading list. This will be a link that opens the full reading list.

Navigate to Course Content or Content Folder (s) in Blackboard where you plan to place the reading list section link.

In the desired content area, hover your mouse over Build Content àselect ICC Library Reading List

Name your reading list and click Submit. We suggest naming the reading list to correspond with the section that you plan to link to. For example, Week One or Unit 2.

Once the link is created, click on your reading list link. It will open the full reading list.

In the reading list, navigate to the desired section.

Click on the section menu, look for the “three dots” and select “Relink LTI to Here.” Click okay.

You should see a confirmation pop-up.

To test access, navigate back to Blackboard and try the link in the content folder again. This time the link should open directly to the section.

To add additional sections in different content areas, repeat these steps.

Add Blackboard Assignment Link to ICC Library Reading Lists