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Library Services During COVID-19: PowerPoint

A guide to library services and academic support center services during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Creating a new presentation

Creating a New PowerPoint Presentation


Choosing a Theme

You can always start with a fresh, blank presentation! But if you want to use one of Microsoft's built-in designs, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Design tab.

2. Choose one of the preset themes. If you hover your mouse over any of them, you'll see a live preview, but nothing is "set" until you actually click it.

3. Farther right, a section of the ribbon is labeled Variants. You can pick a different color scheme for your current theme from here.

PowerPoint design ribbon


Adding New Slides

Two options here! One is from Home  and the other is from Insert.

1. From the Home or Insert tab, click New Slide--or click the dropdown arrow just beneath it to choose a layout. (See the image below)

Adding a new slide and choosing its layout in PowerPoint

Creating Sections, Organizing your Presentation

PPT sections

Organizing your Presentation


1. Under the Home tab, find Section nex to the New Slide button.

2. Drag and drop your slides on the left to organize them into the sections you created.

3. Right click on the section name in the pane on the left to rename it or delete it.

Saving your presentation

Saving a new powerpointSaving a PowerPoint Presentation


To save your PowerPoint Presentation for the first time...

1. Go to the File tab.

2. Choose Save As.

3. Browse for the location you'd like to save in if you don't see it listed.

4. Choose the file type if necessary, but the default should be fine for most of your academic purposes.

5. Click Save.


To save a PowerPoint that you've already saved once and have been editing....

You can click the save icon in the upper left corner that looks like this: PowerPoint save icon

OR you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S.

*Save early, save often!

Printing PowerPoint

printing powerpoint in the libraryPrinting PowerPoint

To print your presentation in the library, you'll have to keep the 24-page limit in mind. This means that if you are printing 6 slides per page, you'll print a custom range of slides 1-144, 145-288, etc.

Recording your presentation

Recording your PowerPoint Presentation

powerpoint slide show tab menu







Option 1: Set the timing to automatically advance slides when you present live

1. Click Rehearse Timings.

2. This will start your slide show, and when you click to advance to the next slide, your timing will be saved.

3. You'll be prompted to save the new slide timings. 


Option 2: Record individual slides

1. Click the dropdown arrow next to Record Slide Show.

2. Click from current slide.

3. A box will pop up to ask you if you want to record just the slide and animation timings, or if you want to record narration, ink, and laser pointer. It'll also have a note if you don't have a microphone.


Option 3: Record slide show from beginning

1. Click Record Slide Show.

It's that easy! 


Note: if you've included transitions, wait until the slide has fully transitioned to the next before you start speaking.

Using PowerPoint as a screen recorder

Use PowerPoint as a screen recorder

A little trick if you need to do a screen recording!

1. Go to the Insert tab and find the box on the very right that says Media.

PowerPoint screen record icon

2. Click Screen Recording.

3. If you want to record audio, make sure that box is dark gray.

4. If you want your pointer to show up in the recording, also make sure that box is dark gray.

5. Click and drag to draw a box around the part of the screen you want to record.

6. Click Record.

7. A box will pop up before your recording begins. You'll have a 3-second countdown AND it'll tell you which three keys to press to stop the recording.