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Library Services During COVID-19: Library FAQ

A guide to library services and academic support center services during the COVID-19 pandemic

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the library open?

Online only.  The physical campus libraries are closed through the end of the semester. You can order library items online for pick-up at the East Peoria Bookstore

What do I do with my library books?

Please hold on to your library books until we physically reopen.  There will be no late penalties. A drop off location will be available at the East Peoria Bookstore starting August 17th.

What about books from other libraries?

You will be able to return those books to the East Peoria Bookstore starting August 17th. 

Why am I receiving emails about fines and fees if the library is closed?

Some of these emails are produced automatically.  If you get an email stating that you owe money while the library is only open virtually, please disregard it or let us know and we will remove this charge when we get back to campus and you return the item.

I need a textbook that's on Reserve at the library.  What now?

Please contact your instructor regarding resources needed to complete your coursework.

Who do I contact with a question not answered in this guide?

Please contact us using chat, text, or email:  For technology related questions, please email the Technology Help Desk.  Their email can be found at this link: .