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Ready Player One

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1.       Describe the Oasis. What do we have now that is similar to the Oasis? Could you see this form of technology actually happening?

2.       What is the current state of the world in Ready Player One (p. 17)?

3.       What social skill problems develop from spending too much time on the Oasis (p. 30)? Do you see these problems today? Does technology increase social anxiety disorder (p. 165)?

4.       What do you think about the Oasis classrooms (p. 47)? Can you see this as the future of education and technology?

5.       How does technology hurt the job market (p. 51)?

6.       This is the ultimate virtual reality. What do you think about the visor, haptic gloves, suits, and other forms of technology? (p. 58 and p. 192) What similar tools do we have today?

7.       How can technology and social media preserve our past (p. 103)? Can it make us immortal? What are pros to this kind of technology?

8.       What movies do you wish you could do for the type of game described on page 110?

9.       Discuss Morrow’s take on the Oasis: “a self-imposed prison for humanity” (p. 120).

10.   Discuss the sexism in this story. Do you still see sexism in the future (p. 170)?

11.   What are the differences between our real personalities and our online personalities (p. 171)?

12.   Do you think you can fall in love solely online (without ever meeting the person- p. 186)?

13.   Discuss the commentary on physical exercise on page 197 (not communication related but it’s perfect and you know I have to include it!).

14.   How does Wade’s view of the Oasis change (p. 198—compare to Morrow’s opinions back on page 120)?

15.   What do you think about how the book interprets the future of political elections (p. 201)?

16.   How about the future of reality TV (p. 202)?

17.   Discuss: The more we spend online, the more isolated we feel (p. 243).

18.   How does a culture create mandatory indentured work? Could you see this as a real possibility (p. 270)?

19.   How about the future of guns, such as getting guns from a vending machine (p. 300)?

20.   Is the Oasis the best thing to have happened to women and minorities (p. 320)? Could the same be said of our social media today?

21.   Discuss Halliday’s final insight on reality vs. the Oasis: “reality is the only place where you can find true happiness” (p. 364).

22.   Do you think Wade and the team would ever press the red button? Would you? What if we had that for our social media today?


Questions developed by Joseph Chianakas


Agriculture and Industrial Technologies

  • Create a menu that Wade (Parzival) would be recommended to eat with his lack of physical activity
  • Create a Google Map about the path a food stuff takes from farm to consumer
  • Create working model of the exercise bike used to power Wade’s gaming system
  • Give demonstrations of alternative energies to student body

Arts and Communications

  • Develop the musical score for the film.
  • Design a movie poster for the film.
  • Write a paper on the history of origami
  • Create your own piece of origami
  • Have art students design symbols for Ready Player One, or a scene in the book, concepts, etc.
  • Design your version of Wade's Dayton apartment. After the haptic chair, what are the essentials? What is the least amount of square feet needed?
  • Use multimedia to create a PSA over a theme or issue from the book.
  • Use speech topics based on themes from the book
  • Discuss communication errors faced by the protagonist or the future of communicating online

Business, Hospitality and Information Systems

  • Discuss web privacy. What are the implications for tracking customers? How can companies keep their clients' data safe?
  • Write a company privacy statement

English, Humanities and Language Studies

  • Research and discuss the science fiction genre
  • Discuss fascination with dystopian themes in post-World War II books and movies
  • Select argument or informational paper topics from themes from the book

Health Careers

  • Discuss how gaming is beneficial for patient rehabilitation
  • Research virtual fields in health care

Math, Science and Engineering

  • Find a science article inspired by a topic in the book and identify the parts of a research paper.
  • Research haptic technology. How can haptic technology be used in the classroom? Check out what other universities are doing,

Social Sciences and Public Services

  • Prepare a chart/spreadsheet/PowerPoint with statistics for the last 20 years on the growth of violent video games by juveniles, specifically as to whether it has caused an increase in a rise in juvenile delinquency (possible correlation to school shootings?).
  • Write a report stating whether there is a correlation between children playing video games and Identity Theft.
  • Create a legal system for OASIS and/or Wade's reality.
  • Research studies on the correlation between poverty and crime.  Write a report on the correlation, if any.  Analyze.
  • Write reflection papers about the future of education. Suggested topics: How are MOOCs (massive open online courses) impacting higher education? How has rapidly evolving technology affected teaching in the classroom? What are good strategies to stay on pace with instructional technologies?
  • Write a report about the affects gaming or social media have on family dynamics.

 Library Technical Assistant Program

  • Essay on information ethics and copyright law
  • Discussion on the future of libraries and information
  • Have students select "read-alike" books for collection development or reader's advisory

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