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Technology for Students

Tips for exploring technology to create documents and presentations and express yourself on the web.

Tip sheets

Finding the right fix for your WORD problems/challenges can be difficult with several versions of WORD. The tipsheets here are for WORD 2013, the version available on ICC computers.


Powerpoint and Videos

You will often be asked to create a powerpoint that has pictures, graphs and even videos. Inserting your own video is very easy, just choose Insert, then choose Video and select the video from your directory. But inserting or embedding a Youtube video, which is what many students want to do, is not as easy. Even if you are able to accomplish embedding the video on a computer at home, the video may not work once you are using the Microsoft application at ICC. You can use a video in a powerpoint, but not with the Insert Video button on the Microsoft ribbon. 

Option 1. You can type the link into your slide and then right click on the link during your presentation to launch the video in Youtube.

Option 2. You can insert a picture in your slide and then link it to the URL using the Insert Hyperlink button on the Microsoft ribbon. This is a prettier, more finished solution, but you will need to right click on the picture during your presentation and launch the video, which will open Youtube for viewing. 

Option 3. The third option is to abandon Microsoft and use Google Slides. Google Slides will allow you to embed the video into your presentation seamlessly. The possibly problem with this option is that you are not able to upload a Google Slide presentation to Blackboard.