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Technology for Students

Tips for exploring technology to create documents and presentations and express yourself on the web.

RSS Feeds

Information on the internet can be overwhelming.  Control the flow of information with RSS Feeds! Organise the news you want and receive it in one place with RSS Feeds.


ITunes and Podcasts

ITunes is about much more than music. Radio podcasts are available on all possible subjects. Recorded lectures from the most exclusive universities are available. Unlike the music on ITunes, most podcasts are available for free! Expand your knowledge of a subject you are interested in or supplement the information you are getting in class. 

Once you start listening to podcasts, you may want to make your own! Here is a website about making your own recordings for distribution on the internet. Add a .wav file to a presentation or art work to extend the dimensions of the work. An audible explanation of an experiment or a piece of poetry that accompanies an art work can illuminate the work for your audience.


Calculators are expensive and easy to forget or misplace. Download a free web based calculator and have a calculator handy whenever you are at a computer! Choose calculators with memory, trigonometric functions, graphing or factorial functions!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ever wonder how some students create documents and search the web so fast?  One of their tricks is probably Keyboard Shortcuts. By keeping your hands on the keyboard you can work much more efficiently.

USB, Flashdrive, Zipdrive

They go by different names, but flash drives are handy tech tools for carrying computer files in your pocket! Here is a video that explains all you need to know about USB drives.


Cell Phone Security

Secure your cell phone from loss of data and loss of the phone! 

Use the Android Device Manager on your Android phone.

 Or try Lookout for your IPhone or Android. 

There are many options for protecting your phone, tablet or laptop available through apps. Research their availability in reliable sources like Wired magazine or other tech magazines. Check out this article from 2015 regarding available apps.


Flashcard Mobile Apps

Create flashcards on a mobile app to view on your phone while you ride the bus to class, or have five minutes before class!