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Technology for Students

Tips for exploring technology to create documents and presentations and express yourself on the web.

Which Browser???

Which browser you use can make a difference. Use Firefox for Blackboard, but for other applications you may want to choose another browser. If you are unable to open a web based application in one browser, try another one.  Here is a review of the top six browsers according to PC World. 

Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing? Is it for you? How do you get it? Do businesses use it? Read this article to get a good grounding in cloud computing, and don't be left out of the conversation!

Paper Basics

Writing papers starts with understanding computer word processing and the tools for creating documents. At ICC you have access to Microsoft Word Applications on the ICC computers.  When you are not at an ICC computer you can also use the Google cloud applications for creating the same kind of documents as Word will produce. Microsoft applications can be very expensive to buy but Google products are free and are a perfectly good substitute! Google products can be converted to documents compatible with Blackboard at an ICC computer when you are ready to upload your work. Your Google account is tied to your ICC email, which gives you just one place to have email as well as word processing. Google documents have the added advantage of being saved automatically on the "cloud." You can never lose a Google document! 

Microsoft Word = Google Document

Write papers

Microsoft Powerpoint = Google Slides

Create slideshows.

Microsoft Excel = Google Spreadsheet

Create tables.

Microsoft Word (Templates) = Google Forms

Create Flyers, brochures, invitations, etc.


Just choose the application that works for your project, then check out tutorials on Atomic Learning to get tips on using that application and upload your completed projects to Blackboard or present them in a "smart" classroom. Any time you are in the library the librarians are happy to help you with Word or Google questions!!



No Cash for Powerpoint Software??

Google Presentations is a great substitute for Microsoft's powerpoint! Use Atomic Learning videos to learn how to use Google Presentations then upload your presentations to Blackboard or display them in Smartrooms for classroom presentations! -- Have Blackboard open before you click on the link below.

Search in Atomic Learning for other tutorials on using Google Drive to create spreadsheets, brochures and other documents without spending $$$ on Microsoft Word!!

Computer Technology Books

The ICC Library has many books about computer technology. Here are just a few.