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Technology for Students

Tips for exploring technology to create documents and presentations and express yourself on the web.

Youtube Videos

Search on Google for ways to use Youtube videos. Here, a professor tells users how change the URL for a Youtube video to change the point at which the video starts and stops in your presentation.

The tricks for installing a Youtube video into a powerpoint changes frequently, but as of the Fall of 2015 this work around is the best information: 


Do you want to make a presentation that really stands out? Create a video to add to a presentation or make the video your presentation. Post your work on Youtube as part of a job search portfolio. ICC has streaming video collections for every subject -- even videography!  Learn how to light and frame your videos. Search in the library catalog to find more videos that will make you a pro at filming with video!


Check out these books on videography in the ICC Library.

Post on Youtube

You can be a star on Youtube!  Watch the Atomic Learning videos on posting videos to Youtube and use your own videos in classroom presentations.