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Career Exploration

Use this guide to evaluate career options and for resume writing help.


The books below are available at the ICC East Peoria campus library.

You can also look for more books (including ebooks) by visiting our catalog.

How To Find Books

There are several options available to you for finding books at ICC.

You can use the Find it search feature by typing a search term into the Find It search box.

Find It @ ICC Library

You can use the ISHARE catalog by clicking on the ISHARE catalog link below.


You can use the EBRARY or EBSCO book platform directly. Just click on either the EBRARY or EBSCO link below to browse the collection.

EBRARY (30,000 + titles and growing)

EBSCO  (nearly 23,000 titles available)

ICC doesn't have it?

Consider requesting items not currently available at ICC through the following services: