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Introduction to Scientific Literacy

This is a resource guide for the Fall 2012 Introduction to Scientific Literacy class.

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Search Tips

1. Use AND to combine terms

ex: astronomy AND observations

2. Use OR to search related

terms, OR means more

ex: astronomy OR astrophysics

3. Use NOT to eliminate a term

ex: pluto NOT dog

 Some terms to try:

Muscles AND Dogs
Brain tumors
Cerebral palsy
Hydration AND athletes
Facial hair AND women


What is a database?

  • A database is a virtual collection of information.
  • A database will search many journals at once with your search terms.  When you search in a journal's website you are only searching that journal.
  • Usually this collected information is scholarly, meaning it is written by experts and reviewed by a board of experts.
  • Each database offers a different set of collected information.   
  • Access to most databases is through subscription.  You will need to enter the database through the library's website. If you are off-campus you will be prompted to enter your ICC computer login and password.


Multi-Discipline Databases

Multi-discipline databases cover a wide variety of materials from different academic disciplines.  These library databases have information for just about every topic.  For a more in-depth database on your area of study see ICC's Electronic Resources Collection or ask a librarian.