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What is a database?

  • A database is a virtual collection of information.
  • A database will search many journals at once with your search terms.  When you search in a journal's website you are only searching that journal.
  • Usually this collected information is scholarly, meaning it is written by experts and reviewed by a board of experts.
  • Each database offers a different set of collected information.   
  • Access to most databases is through subscription.  You will need to enter the database through the library's website. If you are off-campus you will be prompted to enter your ICC computer login and password.



ICC's Electronic Collection on Sociology (Selected list)

Electronic Resources and Databases on Sociology Available at ICC

Search Tips

1. Use AND to combine terms

ex: sociology AND history

2. Use OR to search related

terms, OR means more

ex: sociology OR history

3. Use NOT to eliminate a term

ex: sociology NOT history

 Some terms to try:

sociology  -- theory
sociology -- history

AND, OR and NOT are called Boolean Operators.  These are the words you should use to combine your keyword search to get the best results for your topic.