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The SIFT Test



Make sure you collect quality, reliable sources.

One way to evaluate information is with the SIFT Test.

  • STOP
  • INVESTIGATE the Source
  • FIND Better Coverage
  • TRACE Claims, Quotes, and Media to the Original Context.

Use the SIFT to determine if your source is credible.

Conflicting Information

When doing your research did you find conflicting opinions?  This is the result of divergent problems, meaning there is more than one answer to a problem.  In academic research you will rarely find that everyone agrees with each other.  You need to look at the information you have found and think about what supports your argument, but you can't ignore the information that disagrees with your point either. Use your research to support your opinion and show why you disagree with others. You need to use use both supporting and disagreeing information in a good research project.