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What is a database?

  • A database is a virtual collection of information.
  • This collected information is usually scholarly articles, meaning it is written by experts and reviewed by a board of experts.
  • Each database offers a different set of collected information.   
  • Access to most databases is through subscription.  You will need to enter the database through the library's website. If you are off-campus you will be prompted to enter your ICC computer log-in and password. This is the same log-in that use to log-in to ICC campus computers.


You can search directly in the search widget below.


Global Issues in Context

If you are researching a global topic try our database Global Issues in Context.


ICC's Electronic Collection On Geography

ICC has several subscriptions to geography databases.  If you are off campus you will need to log-in to view the content.

Search Tips

1. Use AND to combine terms

ex: mountains AND Virginia

2. Use OR to search related

terms, OR means more

ex: island OR isle

3. Use NOT to eliminate a term

ex: dolphins  NOT football

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ICC doesn't have it?

Consider requesting items not currently available at ICC through the following services: