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English Composition

A general guide to ICC Library resources to help students enrolled in any composition (ENG 110, ENG 111) class.

ICC doesn't have it?

Consider requesting items not currently available at ICC through the following services:

Elements of an Argument

Boolean Operators

1. Use AND to combine terms

ex: Art AND history

2. Use OR to search related

terms, OR means more

ex: art OR history

3. Use NOT to eliminate a term

ex: art NOT history


AND, OR and NOT are called Boolean Operators.  These are the words you should use to combine your keyword search to get the best results for your topic.

Opposing Viewpoints

Here are a few of the many titles the ICC Library owns in the Opposing Viewpoints Series. Search for the keywords "opposing viewpoints" in the ICC Library catalog for other titles in the series.  There is a quick search box on the left hand side of this screen for the catalog.