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Library Services at Illinois Central College: Our Collections

A basic overview of services and hours for all three campus libraries.

Find It Guide

ICC arranges books using the Library of Congress classification system, as follows:

  • A -- General Works
  • B -- Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
  • C -- Auxiliary Sciences of History
  • D -- History (General) and History of Europe
  • E -- History of America
  • F -- History of America
  • G -- Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
  • H -- Social Sciences
  • J -- Political Science
  • K -- Law
  • M -- Music and Books on Music
  • N -- Fine Arts
  • P -- Language and Literature
  • Q -- Science
  • R -- Medicine
  • S -- Agriculture
  • T -- Technology
  • U -- Military Science
  • V -- Naval Science
  • Z -- Bibliography, Library Science, General Information Resources 

Print Magazines, Journals and Newspapers

All of the ICC Library have a limited collection of print magazines, journals, and newspapers.  These materials cannot leave their respective library (or at the EP Campus, the balcony area where most of the materials are shelved).  In most instances, library assistants are required to retrieve these materials.  The EP Campus Library has a small browsing collection of popular magazines near the circulation desk.  Again, these magazines are not available for circulation.

Electronic Books

ICC's electronic book collections is called Ebook Central.  It is accessible through the ICC Library Catalog, or by using the link below.


Electronic Journals and Other Electronic Resources

ICC's Library has a collection of over 11,000 electronic journals, accessible through many different library databases.  The Library also has a collection of electronic reference books, such as dictionaries and encyclopedias.  You may access these from the library's website (under the link for "ICC's Electronic Collection"), or you may use the link below.

If you are accessing these resources from home, you will need to know your ICC computer login and password.  If you do not know your login and password, please call the ICC Library and staff will help.