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ICC Library Reading List - Blackboard Tool : Add Section and Collaborators

Add Sections to a List

Sections can be used to break-up the reading list by week or course topic. If you selected the “weekly readings” template it will include sections for all 13 weeks of the term.
● Select “New Section” to add more sections for additional weeks or topics.
● Add an optional description and start and end dates for each section.

● Change section names and details by clicking the menu icon followed by “Edit Section.”
● Drag and drop sections to change the order in the list.

Invite Collaborators to Manage a List

To add instructors to collaborate on developing a list, start by clicking on the list.
A new Collaborators tab will appear. Click Manage Collaborators and type in a name or email address of another instructor.
Click “Send Invitation” to send an email inviting them to collaborate.

Create A New Section

Add Collaborators