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ICC Library Reading List - Blackboard Tool : Copy a Reading List from your Blackboard Sandbox to your Active Course

Copy a Reading List from your Blackboard Sandbox to your Active Course

1. Create a Reading List and add items in your Blackboard Template course.

2. Then create an ICC Library Reading List in your Blackboard Course site using the ICC Library Reading List tool in Blackboard.

3. After creating the reading list in your Blackboard Course site, open the reading list by clicking on the list link. You will be redirected into the reading list interface where you will be prompted to create a new course.

4. From the “Create a new course” screen enter term dates, number of participants, and academic department. Click Create. You will be redirected to a welcome screen.

5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the hyperlink that says, “Leave this page and explore the application”

6. Because this course is not associated with a list, you will see a blank screen like the one below. Click on the little “x” icon next to the course name.

After closing the lists associated with this course, by clicking on the “x.” The screen will refresh and you will see all of the reading lists where you are an instructor. Including the reading list you created in your Blackboard Course Template.

7. Find the list you created for your Template course and click on the menu, the icon looks like three dots.

8. Click on the three dots to the right of your Template Reading List will open a menu. From that menu, click on “Manage Course Associations.”

9. From the “Manage Course Association” window click on three dots, next to the Template course name and select “Remove this Course.”

10. Then use the “Look up course” feature to find the course you just created. Check to make sure term dates and the number or participants is correct. Click on the “Associate & Close” button.

11. Now you have associated the list created in your template course site to your active Blackboard course site for the term. Test the reading list link in your course Blackboard site to make sure reading list is correctly associated.

Copy a Reading List from your Blackboard Sandbox to your Active Course