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Changes in the Library: New Login Information

This is a guide to the upcoming changes to the ICC Library, including new login information, OpenAthens, and Primo VE.

Off-Campus Login

When logging in from off-campus, you will notice a new login screen which will prompt you to choose Faculty/Staff or Student.

Students will use the same login credentials as they are currently using.

ICC usernames are the first part of your ICC email address, without the part. Passwords are ICC (all capital letters) and the last five digitals of your social security number. 

Faculty will be prompted to login using Office 365 credentials.

For example: you will use your ICC email address expressed as and password.  If you are logged into 365 you will be able to access library content seamlessly.  Screenshots of the new login screen are attached to this message.

You will only need to authenticate once to start an 8-hour long OpenAthens session. During that time, you will not be asked to authenticate again regardless of the number of different content platforms you visit.

On-site IP authentication

There will be no change to the way you access digital resources when on-campus. The library will continue to provide IP authentication for on-site access.



Library staff is available to help with most questions during open hours. Email or chat with us today! 

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