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Sustainability Resources

PowerPoint Presentation from Ed Stermer

Here is the PowerPoint presentation by Ed Stermer, ICC Earth Science professor, at Celebration of Learning at ICC on January13, 2010.

Ken Robertson's Talk on Schools and Creativity


The World Wide Web has information galore. Using search engines (like Google, Yahoo and Bing!) to find free information on the web is the first step in research for many students. However, the web should not be your only place for information gathering. There are many high-quality websites, but there are also many low-quality websites as well.  Remember to evaluate all information you find on the web to ensure that it is credible and can be use for your research project.'s Resources

C.R.A.P. Test

Make sure you collect quality, reliable sources.

One way to evaluate information is with the SIFT Test.

  • STOP
  • INVESTIGATE the Source
  • FIND Better Coverage
  • TRACE Claims, Quotes, and Media to the Original Context.

Use the SIFT to determine if your source is credible.


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