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Accounting 121

This guide provides an overview of the Accounting 121 project. It also includes resources needed to complete the project.

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Welcome to the Accounting 121 LibGuide

This guide was created to help you with the Accounting 121 project.  Please refer to this guide for assignment directions and to access the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website.   

Understanding the Assignment

Welcome to Kowalczyk Consulting Company, LLC.  You have just been hired on as a new analyst to take an in depth look at a publicly traded company that our firm would like to invest in.  You’ll be investigating financial information about the company to determine its financial standing and you’ll end up making a recommendation to me, your immediate supervisor, about the short and long term forecast of the company, solvency and liquidity, and a recommendation of whether to buy, sell, or hold any securities we may or may not own.

Please write the name of your assigned company here ______________________________________

For this project you will be using the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission website to download publicly available annual reports (10-K).

From the annual reports, you will be using Chapter 15 in the book as a basis for analyzing the data found on the SEC website.  This is the general order I’m looking for in the final project packet:

  1. Title Page

    1. Company Name

    2. Group Members

    3. Name of Consulting Company

    4. Date of Analysis

  2. Company Profile

    1. History

    2. Specialization

    3. Names of Executives

  3. Management Discussion and Analysis

  4. Original Statements from SEC Website

    1. Income Statement

    2. Balance Sheet

    3. Statement of Retained Earnings

    4. Statement of Cash Flows

  5. Analyzed Statements (Vertical and Horizontal) for the last 3 complete fiscal years.

    1. Income Statement

    2. Balance Sheet

  6. Calculation of Liquidity Ratios

  7. Calculation of Profitability Ratios

  8. Calculation of Solvency Ratios

  9. Calculation of Dividend Ratios

  10. Recommendation to a Short-Term Creditor

  11. Recommendation to a Short-Term Investor

  12. Recommendation to a Long-Term Creditor

  13. Recommendation to a Long-Term Investor

  14. Supplemental Information

    1. Name of the Auditor

    2. Effective Tax Rate

    3. Current Stock Price

How I Will Grade Your Performance

Just like in the real world of business, managers are looking for key features.  There are many smart people in the world of business today with extremely high amounts of technical expertise.  There are also many people in the world with great communication skills.  Unfortunately, finding these two skills hand in hand in the same person is difficult and as a result, is in great demand.  This mini-rubric will help determine what I’m looking for.

  1. Organization – The requirements have been given, but I want you to show in the report the best way to let the information flow.  Tell me a story about your company.  Do you feel it’s best I see your interpretation of the ratios before you analyze them, or should I be looking at the management discussion after your own analysis?  Should you add any extra reports to help illustrate your recommendation?  The choice is yours.  Each company is different so there is no one correct way to organize this report.
  2. Accuracy – This is the part where I’m looking for technical expertise.  Are the ratios calculated accurately?  Did you classify the ratios properly?  Did you label everything properly?  When you wrote your recommendations, did your ratio calculations carry over?
  3. Writing – I’m looking for spelling and grammar here, but also much more.  I’m also looking for writing style and clarity of your approach.  This is a test of your business writing ability.
  4. Neatness – Is your project pleasing to the eye?  Are your margins aligned?  Did you include logos, pictures, and headings in such a way that supplements rather than distracts?

The project due date is December 1, 2016.

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